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Have you ever wondered if your high school sweetheart could become your future spouse? Well, for couples like Christine Colvin and Billy Berry this fairy tale is a reality.

Colvin models a bridal magazine for the camera.

Colvin models a bridal magazine for the camera.

Colvin and Berry have been together since she was seventeen years old. Now a senior in her last semester at Southeastern University, Colvin remembers when her fiancé first asked her out. She says, “We met when I was sixteen and I wasn’t allowed to date until I was seventeen so he flew to Texas on my birthday and asked me out on my seventeenth birthday.”

The two met at the Fine Arts National Competition in Denver, Colorado in 2005, Colvin, a vocalist and Berry, a drummer. Berry popped the question this past summer after they dated for three and a half years. “He says he knew pretty soon on [that he wanted to marry her], I knew that he had the qualities that I wanted in a husband and I knew that he would make a great husband. I don’t necessarily know that I was in the mindset of getting married but probably after about two years I figured, ‘I waited this long why not keep going?’” says Colvin.

The Berry wedding will be a spring event, held on March fifth in Orlando,FL, two months before graduation. As for the wedding falling before her graduation from college, Colvin says, “I definitely didn’t want to be done with school [before getting married] because we dated for so long, but I think this is the best way that it could have turned out. I hate summer weddings…and I refused to let school get in the way of that.”

Dealing with the daily calls to the wedding planner...

Normally the terms stress, heart attack, and no social life would come up when talking to a bride-to-be in her last semester of college, but not with Colvin. She has a wedding planner to tackle most of the phone calls, set up the cake testings, and make sure nothing is left undone. Colvin says, “If I didn’t have a wedding planner I don’t think I would have been able to salvage my own eyeballs. I probably would have had a stroke because you truly have no idea what you’re getting into.”

The engagement ring Berry used to propose to Colvin in the summer of 2009.

When talking about the “ring by spring” pressure most female college students are subjected to, Colvin says she never really felt that was the case. Although she says, “I think I was the one that put the pressure more on Billy,” with a sheepish grin, “I just felt it [pressure] because I was tired of having to not spend time with my best friend. It’s convenient when your best friend is a girl and she can spend the night and hang out but with your boyfriend that’s not the case.”

Colvin speaks highly of those that have helped her out during these days of wedding planning, including her future sister-in-law and friends of Berry that have gotten married. She says, “What you find is that you’re moving in a different direction than the friends you’ve grown up with in college. While you’re still close, your relationship changes a lot because they’re moving on and thinking about taking care of themselves and you’re moving on thinking about taking care of a family. It’s two totally different mindsets.”

Two bridesmaids, Danielle Majchrzak (pictured left) and Christina Pent (pictured right), both old roommates and friends of Colvin's at Southeastern University

When it comes to people from Southeastern that have helped Colvin throughout her relationship with Berry, she has felt great support from her boss, Mrs. Crutchfield, at the Academic Center for Excellence where she tutors both English and music. Colvin says, “She’s always been patient and she and her husband have a wonderful relationship and they set a great example for us.”

After getting married, Colvin and Berry will be teaming up to lead worship for the Florida healing outpouring, traveling all over the United States, Europe, and South America as not only musicians, but administrative assistants. About having the reality of being a full time worship leader, Colvin says, “I get to do what I want to do and I get to have the best drummer, in my opinion, play drums for me.”

Having fun with wedding dress ads!

Sitting in the living room of the house she used to live in with her college roommates, I ask Colvin if there’s any advice she would give to young couples in college feeling the pressure to be married at an early age. She gives two tips, “Number one listen to your parents, my father has probably been one of the wisest influences in both finances and life choices. Second, consider your dreams, because getting married is great but you also want to make sure that you’re not compromising what the Lord has called you to do just for the sake of getting married.”

Welcome to my first public blog! This blog will be about/for people in dating, engaged, or married relationships–specifically those in college or fresh off graduation. As a freshman in college, I find that the majority of the student population-both male & female, is pressured by the age-old, “ring by spring,” mentality. The blog will include feature stories focused not only on students in these relationships, but also helpful hints or tips to aid readers who find themselves in said relationships. I hope you find it both helpful & enjoyable!

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